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News From a Galaxy Far Far Away

by TheWookieon 06/11/2014
Star Wars fans rejoice. We now have confirmation and the title of Episode VII.   The Morning of November 6th, 2014, I Woke up to my Star Wars notifications going off on my phone. I figured they were late to the party on telling me that they had wrapped up filming for Episode VII. In […]

Have You Tried Forcing An Unexpected Reboot? IT Crowd To Return!

by James Buckinghamon 08/05/2013
Graham Linehan, the creator of the cult BBC series The IT Crowd has confirmed that there will be one more episode created for the fans… Quick! What was that emergency number again? Oh yes… 0118999881999119725….3. Yes, geeks – Roy, Moss, Jen & Douglas (Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson & Matt Berry respectively) are all […]