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Spyfall – Guess Who for Grown Ups

by Hani Fearonon 14/04/2016
Spyfall is a conversation based party game based on bluffing, suspicion and outright deception. One of your friends is a spy and your job is to find out who the double-crosser is before the time runs out. With similarities to games such as The Resistance and Avalon, Spyfall offers a simplified and more fun approach that’s great for […]

Secret Agent Man: A Preview Look at Sub Rosa – Spies for Hire

by MrCraiggyon 26/02/2016
There are two things that I enjoy in this world. Well, there are lots of things, but among them, two are cards games and espionage; that is to say reading/watching spy stories, not actually partaking in espionage… Honest. You can’t prove anything! Now while my hard drive is slowly wiping itself of anything incriminating, let […]

Interview with Pelgrane Press, Creators of The Dracula Dossier

by Peter Ray Allisonon 28/11/2014
Pelgrane Press deliver one of the most expansive role-playing campaigns in the history of gaming with their forthcoming kickstarter project: The Dracula Dossier.