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MCM London Comic Con May 2017

by Daniel Delargyon 05/06/2017
It’s Friday, and despite the fact that the ExCel Station is closed this isn’t deterring commuters from taking the DLR to MCM London this May. The train was packed with a collection of colourful cosplays, featuring people dressed from top to toe in their choice of clothing. Over the course of three days, the London […]

Are Merchandise Stalls at Conventions a Con?

by Chrison 09/04/2016
Recently, I was chatting to a few friends about which conventions we had been to over the past few years and which we were looking forward to.  As is usual the conversation then moved on to the stalls at cons. We all unanimously agreed that they can be a massive rip off.  One example cited […]

Fandom attack!

by Cristina Bogdanon 18/05/2013
I’m sure that title is about as original as fandom wars are, but it serves its purpose with the same pride we have for all things geek. For those of you who don’t know(you should be ashamed and banished to the naughty corner!) a fandom is defined as follows:  Fandom (consisting of fan [fanatic] plus the suffix -dom, as […]

UK’s first Klingon Wedding!

by Becca Harperon 20/10/2012
  Destination Star Trek is in full flow in London. It is the first Star Trek dedicated convention in over a decade to take place in Britain. So if you are a Star Trek fan and you wanna get married there is no better place to be.  Sonnie Gustavsson, 29, and Jossie Sockertopp, 23  travelled from their […]