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Air Conflicts: Vietnam Review

by Stephen Breweron 20/10/2013
Air Conflicts: Vietnam was published by little known company 'bitComposer Games', known for 'Jagged Alliance' and 'Citadels' in conjunction with 'Kalypso', creators of 'Dark' and 'Ubisoft' the creators of 'Splinter Cell' and the popular 'Far Cry' series. After playing this game it does beg the question just how much influence Ubisoft and Kalypso actually had in the development of this title.

Far Cry 3, The Geek Pride Review – 8GPP

by Matt_Walklateon 09/02/2013
Straight to the Point; The Far Cry series has always made great things with the premise of one man alone in the wilderness, and Far Cry 3 keeps this up with stunning visuals and excellent gameplay.    As Far Cry 3’s deranged antagonist Vaas says often; “Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity […]

The Far Cry Experience Eps 1 – 4 Starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Michael Mando ( Explicit content)

by Matt Gearyon 04/12/2012
 With the Release of Far Cry 3, Machinma and Ubisoft have come up with this awesome Dark Comedy web-series, about Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Mc Lovin) “surviving” on a tropical island…. Far Cry Island to be exact. As expected, things get a bit messed up!  Check out the first 4 episodes below:  Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad & Kick-Ass) continues […]