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Let It Die – First Impressions

by SeanPWallaceon 07/12/2016
Let It Die is a weird game. Which shouldn’t be surprising from Suda51. This is the man responsible for bringing us No More Heroes, Killer7, Shadows of the Damned, and Lollipop Chainsaw. He has a unique (i.e. batshit) take on video game development which results in unique experiences. Some very good. Some downright odd. Let It Die falls into […]

Isometrics: King, Candy Crush Melodrama and the Need for Control of the Free to Play Market

by David Roseon 06/03/2014
Is it right to trademark basic words? Isometrics looks at the case of King’s Candy Crush Lawsuit, and contemplates the death of satire… Welcome to Isometrics, the usually serendipitous soirée that looks at the literary world of computer and video games. Now one of the things I noted in my statement of principles is that […]

War Thunder – Ground Forces Closed Beta

by Phil_Matthewson 03/03/2014
War Thunder is a free-to-play online combat game, which is set during WWII and features armoured combat rather than infantry. An open beta version has been available on PC and PS4 for some time but so far it has only included air units; the final version is set to also feature ground and naval units. […]

Free-to-Play MMO Dragon Eternity launched on Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android

by Sai Mealingon 05/09/2013
Free-to-play developer Insight Studios have just launched a mobile version of their popular browser-based MMO Dragon Eternity for Android devices on the Google Play Store. This follows Facebook, iPhone and iPad releases earlier this week and promises seamless cross-platform support across devices so it’s never been easier for players to pick up and continue their […]

CCP’s Dust 514 To Drop May 14th

by James Buckinghamon 29/04/2013
The creators of cult sci-fi MMO EVE Online (CCP) have been breaking boundries in their latest creation – quite literally destroying the barriers between hardcore MMO players and the Call of Duty generation with Dust 514 – a free-to-play FPS that is directly connected to it’s existing award-winning MMO. The game has been in a […]

Planetside 2 Review

by Matt_Walklateon 04/03/2013
Planetside 2 has two unique selling points; its maps and its players. Firstly, the maps. There may be only three of them, but these maps aren't just a couple of buildings and some bare ground. They are whole continents...