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Xbox Live: Microsoft announce plans to improve the online gaming environment and reward good sports

by James Woodheadon 20/03/2014
  I remember seeing a meme circulated from once that added new slogans to well known brands.  Many were amusing but the one that made me really laugh was the one for Xbox live as shown above. It’s one of those things that’s funny because it’s true. Well, it’s intent is true as I’m […]

5 TV Series Cancelled Before Their Time

by Stephen Breweron 03/07/2013
Now let me clarify before I get roasted from all sides for missing their choice, this is merely my opinion, this does not mean anything I haven’t put in isn’t worthy of being watched. With that being said let’s get into it, my first pick (this is not in any type of order).     […]

25 Life Hacks You Need In Your Life…

by Becca Harperon 13/04/2013
There are many little annoyances in life from excess cables to people borrowing your stuff and never returning it. So I have taken it upon myself to spend hours scouring the internet…okay that’s a lie, I googled, it took me like half an hour, but I did it all for you. So here are 25 […]

My First Real Geek Experience

by ScarlettNighton 22/03/2013
I’ve always kind of considered myself a geek. When I was in school I was one of the ‘odd’ kids, loving Lord of the Rings a little too much and thinking that one day I might grow up to be a superhero –that’s not happened as of yet, just in case you were wondering– but […]


by Matt Gearyon 19/12/2012
IWOOT was launched in 2000 as an online retailer offering a selection of quirky, ‘off the wall’ gifts including gadgets, gizmos, toys, photo gifts, experience days and home and office accessories. IWOOT is an ideal gift shopping solution for those who have everything, a great place to buy things you really, really want! You can […]

Steam Big Picture Goes Live; Brings More Sales Too

by Matt_Walklateon 04/12/2012
Steam has been completely reformatted from today to not only be compatible with full size TV screens, but also with game controllers as well. So if your gaming experience is more about kicking back in the living room; Big Picture is just for you. Now you can enjoy the same great looking and performing PC games from the comfort […]

Sexy Cosplay Girls

by Matt Gearyon 30/10/2012
More good friends of ours, with a facebook and website dedicated to the aesthetic beauty of awesome cosplay girls.  Check them out below! Facebook: Twitter: @sexycosplaygirl Website:    With the wide spread use and ease of access of the internet’s social networks; geeks, nerds and cosplayers finally found a platform to voice themselves and confer. However, these […]


by Matt Gearyon 22/10/2012
[quote]A podcast about games, not a review cast, not a preview cast, and not something based around the editorial of a magazine or a website. It is in fact 4 friends who have spent a large portion of their lives playing computer games way of venting our views about games, the industry and the public […]