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Age of Sigmar: A Revisit

by Lendosanon 29/08/2015
The POINT of Forging the Narrative is sort of like roleplaying; except you are both the Gamesmaters writing your own story. It is about having fun, and fun is something that hasn't been associated in social Warhammer play for years.


by Matt Gearyon 07/11/2014
Want to Win a copy of this for you PS3?! YEAH YA DO!!! BLAZERUSH giveaway Find out more about this amazing game below BlazeRush is a dynamic arcade racing survival game with no health, no levelling and no brakes! You can assemble a team of friends to play in local or online multiplayer, choose a […]

Epic Halloween Light Show Including Bohemian Rhapsody Nails It!

by Becca Harperon 27/10/2014
We’ve all seen the amazing light shows in homes across America that are lovingly created during the festive season, it has become somewhat of a national tradition. Well it seems that the competition just stepped it up with this truly epic Halloween themed light show. The two I have included for your enjoyment are the […]

Cardiff Plays Host To 2nd Annual Zombie Apocalypse

by James Buckinghamon 29/01/2014
Ok so I’m getting married in June, in a typically geeky fashion… and there’s one thing I’d KILL to be able to do for my stag party – a zombie apocalypse experience day. Well as it happens, I may actually be able to take part in something similar, but on a much larger scale than […]

Cosplay Catch Up – An introduction to madness

by Leonieon 05/01/2014
I decided with the arrival of New Year to start writing a bi-weekly cosplay catch up article for Geek Pride, basically this blog will track my cosplay adventures over the course of this year (I feel big things coming!). I am a fairly new cosplayer, I put together a vaguely rubbish Hobbit costume for Manchester […]

Marching Band’s Amazing Movie Mash Up

by ScarlettNighton 17/11/2013
Here’s something fun to watch. I’ll admit that when I initially think of a marching band, the words ‘fun’ and ‘cool’ don’t really pop into mind, but I was proved wrong when I saw the following video. Usually when I say ‘that blew my mind’ I’m usually kidding around but I think this video actually blew […]

Looking Back At The Saint’s Row Series

by James Buckinghamon 31/07/2013
I’ve always been a massive fan of open-world (aka “sandbox) games, mainly because of the freedom they provide to do what you like, be it partake in missions, or attempt ridiculous bike jumps and side quests. The first title I remember playing in this manner was Grand Theft Auto III, followed by such titles as […]