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The Heartbreak of Half-Life

by redshirtjamieon 21/02/2016
The air is acrid, thick with the vapour trails of stinger missiles and gunpowder. Spent shell casings litter the forest floor and the roar of my buggy engine is the only sound that perforates the post battle silence. Moments ago, determined screams of the Resistance echoed through the trees as Striders fell hard through the forest […]

Fallout 4

by Liam_Anthony84on 19/11/2015
Fallout 4 was released last week (10th November 2015) and I like many, sat eagerly next to my console waiting for that little message to pop up just after midnight letting me know that it was now playable. 3½ hours later, I had lost my wife, my son, my home had been blown away and […]

Gamer Girls

by TheWookieon 08/07/2013
Gamer Girls Fact or Fiction? By: Brittany Gurkin aka TheWookie     As a female gamer, I have heard it all from Gamer guys when it comes to insults. Today I’m here to clear a few things up. No I will not go make you a sandwich. I’m old enough to be your mother, you […]