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Ernest Cline’s – Armada

by Liam_Anthony84on 05/09/2015
If you’re a fan of Ernest Cline you could say that since his last release it’s been rather difficult to find another novel of a similar nature, unless of course you’ve read Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson or YOU by Austin Grossman. However in July of this year, Cline finally released Armada, his greatly anticipated […]

Is Simon Pegg right?

by Andrew Corbanon 21/05/2015
Recent news revealed Simon Pegg, comedic geeky actor known for Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, has been feeling disdain towards geek culture. In an interview with Radio Times, Pegg expressed his worry that people have grown to embrace sci-fi and otherwise geeky films and hobbies over more deeper, more intellectual films of the 70s […]

Geek Poetry Corner

by RyeZuulon 12/05/2014
In an effort to inject some culture around these parts, I hereby introduce Geek Poetry Corner, where any budding poets can share their work, assuming it’s got a geeky subject. Whether you consider yourself a poet or, like me, someone with no idea whatsoever and just fancy a bit of fun, get your favourite French […]

VGHS Season 2 Trailer

by Andrew Corbanon 13/07/2013
More Jenny Matrix! More The Law! More Games Dean! More of everyone! Season 2 starts 25 July! Check out the trailer and catch up with season one here!

INTERVIEW: 2 Mello on Hip Hop, Geekdom, and Nerdcore Music

by Andrew Corbanon 11/07/2013
Hip-hop is a total artistic culture. It has art (graffiti), music (rap, scratch), dance (breaking, jookin) and fashion. Hip-hop also started out as an underdog part of American culture; a small marginal interest that didn’t initially draw mass appeal. Now hip-hop pervades pop culture and mainstream entertainment. This path finds a neat parallel in the […]

Geek or Geek Not: There is No Why

by SeanPWallaceon 03/07/2013
As we discussed on one of the first editions of the Geek Pride podcast, one this website’s fans ‘unfriended’ us on Facebook because we were not ‘geeky’ enough. Matt asked on what basis we weren’t considered geeky enough for this person. They replied, “You don’t talk enough about coding or computers.” To our former fan, we weren’t […]

The Cosplayer’s Guide to Basement Nerds (Part 1/4)

by Andrew Corbanon 15/06/2013
The world of geeks and nerds is not unlike a diverse ecosystem teeming with all manners of beast. One of the most maligned creatures in our peculiar menagerie is the Basement Nerd. You know the Basement Nerd very well. These are the chaotic evil human males that win imagined arguments and intangible territories. Absent any […]