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Fury: My War Gone By#13

by Andy Haighon 09/07/2013
Fury attends a funeral and has a chance encounter with a figure from his past in this final issue.  In this the last issue in the series, things come full circle. This title has never been lacking in emotional punch but this issue is a testament to both Garth Ennis’ skillful characterisation and ability to […]

Fury: My War Gone By #10

by Andy Haighon 26/03/2013
14 years after the events of Vietnam, Nick Fury finds himself in Nicaragua at the behest of Senator ‘Pug’ Mcluskey. Whilst there it becomes apparent that despite not officially being in charge, ‘Barracuda’ is running things at the encampment and doesn’t like the idea of outsiders looking around. His name might be synonymous with Hellblazer, […]