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Justice Returns!!! Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3 Premieres

by joshkingofgeekson 07/01/2019
  After the rumour of it being cancelled back in 2013 due to too many girls watching it (if you can believe such tripe) and the resulting and justified outcry, Young Justice: Outsiders has returned to the DC streaming service for a 3rd Season! With the original target audience being teenagers, we got a rather […]

EPIC Marvel vs. DC Fan Made Trailer

by Becca Harperon 22/12/2014
Compiling footage from films, video games and TV shows, including footage from Arrow, Flash and the unaired Wonder Woman pilot, the talented Alex Luthor has created every comics fans dream – An epic Marvel vs. DC showdown trailer. It cleverly features many of their respective heroes and some villains and though we realistically will never ever […]

Brandon Routh Cast as Ray Palmer aka The Atom for Arrow Season 3

by Becca Harperon 07/07/2014
  Former Superman, Brandon Routh is to to join CW’s hit superhero show, Arrow for it’s third season. Routh is set to play Ray Palmer, scientist and inventor rumoured to be the new owner of Queen Consolidated and someone who will have an unexpected role in the lives of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Palmer’s plans […]

Adam Jay needs your help for epic cosplay endeavour Project:LEX

by Andy Haighon 13/07/2013
Adam Jay of Superhero Creations needs your help for his latest endeavour, Project: LEX. Project Lex is a dream project inspired by the opening cinematic for The DC Universe Online. This will manifest as a cosplay shoot of a scale not yet seen featuring several characters including Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, […]

Red Hood and The Outlaws Annual #1 – 4 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 13/06/2013
Green Arrow pays a visit to his old partner Roy and inadvertently makes a bad situation a lot worse. Meanwhile an amnesiac Jason Todd tries to discover more about his past and doesn’t like what he finds which could have major implications for his friends. Red Hood and The Outlaws has had an inherent quirky […]

Comic Book Weekly Roundup (10/10/12)

by Laura Maieron 16/10/2012
THE BEST OF MARVEL   AvX Consequences #1 (writer: Kieron Gillen; artist: Tom Raney) We’ve had AvX, AvX Versus and all the standard ongoings with plot arcs relevant to the AvX storyline, and now, just when you thought it was over, we have AvX Consequences. On the surface, it appears nothing much can come of this storyline […]

CW release teaser for superhero drama ARROW

by Becca Harperon 12/09/2012
Coming this October to CW is Arrow. A superhero drama based on DC’s Green Arrow starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, the wealthy bad boy who gets marooned on an island for a number of years, returns to Starling City with a mastery of the bow and a penchant for green hoods. Developed by Green […]

The Weekly Comic book Roundup (05/09/12)

by Laura Maieron 10/09/2012
THE BEST OF MARVEL   The Amazing Spider-Man #693 (writer: Dan Slott; artist: Humberto Ramos) Apparently the fine people at Marvel have something BIG planned for when Spidey hits the 700 mark, and it’s building up in epic fashion with Spidey being forced to act as mentor to the troubled teen superhero Alpha. Alpha is […]