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“Skylar & Plux” gives me Ratchet & Clank flashbacks

by James Buckinghamon 16/03/2016
Some of the best games I’ve played are platformers, with the likes of Mario 64, Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank sapping a lot of my gaming time over the years. Look, I really needed to get ALL the stars and see Yoshi, ok? I can quit any time I want! Ahem. Anyway, Grip […]

McDROID Debuts On Consoles

by James Buckinghamon 04/03/2016
After a successful launch on PC via Steam, the Tower Defence game (with a twist) McDROID has been released on PS4 and Xbox One today. Costing a mere $7.99 (or £6.49 for us UK players), Prague-based studio Grip Digital (responsible for The Solus Project) bring Elefantopia’s game to consoles. Jakub Mikyska, co-founder and CEO of […]