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Here’s a “Civil War ” Trailer We Wish We Could Tell You Was Real

by The_Dark_Mikeon 27/09/2014
Fan trailers are normally, quite frankly, clown shoes. Youtuber Saul Rosales (or Superman21 to his friends) has seen to put an end to this fact, with what is an unbelievably slick trailer for what could’ve been, if Fox had stopped pouting (and sending us C&Ds)  and Sony decided to realise the HUGE business opportunity available to them. […]

Amazing Spiderman 2

by Callum Tyndallon 27/04/2014
Amazing. Astonishing. Spectacular. Superior. Sensational. When Spiderman gets titled, it’s never done by halves. So when the cinematic franchise was rebooted following the crash and burn of Spiderman 3, it made a bold step by going with Amazing particularly considering that the first installment, while strong and a definite step up from the previous films, […]

Last-Minute Low-Budget Halloween Costumes

by Laura Maieron 26/10/2013
Halloween is HOW MANY days away? EEEEEK! And I don’t even have a costume! So many parties and not one costume, OH THE HUMANITY! Sound familiar? Need to put a costume together in less than a week and with next to no money? Panic not, geeklings, I have some ideas…   The Endless Not all […]