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Sugru’s Rebel Tech Kit

by Peter Ray Allisonon 04/09/2016
Looking for something for that special geek in your life who has everything? Well, Sugru may well have the answer with their Rebel Tech Kit. Part plasticine and part superglue; Sugru is mouldable glue that, once set, retains its form and adhesiveness to whatever it is moulded to.  Basically, unroll some Sugru, apply it where […]

Make Love Not WarCraft the true Story

by Matt Gearyon 08/10/2012
News from the BBC today. It seems some Inventive hackers have managed to roll a LvL1 Character that was able to wipe out the entire population of players and NPCs in the games main cities! (It is uncertain what server) Being a former WoW player I can understand how frustrating and annoying this would have […]