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Tales of Xillia 2 Review – Welcome back to Elympios

by Nick Hancheton 03/09/2014
The Tales series, originating back in 1995 for the SNES, is a series that has continued to provide beautiful worlds, an exciting and extravagant cast of characters, and mesmerising stories. The franchise first presented itself to me in the latter part of 2004, with the Tales of Symphonia Gamecube title and, since then, has personally continued to stand […]

Want a Mjölnir Replica… Complete With Lightning?

by James Buckinghamon 07/05/2013
So, you saw 2011’s Brannagh-directed Thor movie, yes? If yes, and you’re female you prettymuch swooned over Chris Hemsworth in the title role (some guys would too of course!)… and if you were a guy, you thought it was pretty cool (admit it… you want the armour and everything right? Yeah you do!) Well, I […]