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The Wolverine – One Last Stand?

by Daniel Delargyon 29/07/2015
This is a debate which has been going on for quite some time now – should Hugh Jackman let those trademark claws stay in, or should he let them out for one last ‘snikt’… Prior to the release of the 2014 film X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hugh Jackman flip flopped between talked openly about his reservations of doing […]

New trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie is jaw droppingly good.

by Andy Haighon 10/01/2015
The new trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi venture Chappie looks just as impressive as you would expect from the man behind District 9 and Elysium. The film, which looks like a mash up of Short Circuit and Robocop with shades of Appleseed, is the story of the eponymous Chappie, an experimental robot built and designed to […]

The MARVELous World of Disney: 3 Reasons You Don’t F@ck With The Mouse

by The_Dark_Mikeon 03/11/2014
So most of you (unfortunately) probably think Disney’s great. It’s a happy, happy company, which makes happy, lovely films, and everything is wonderful. Except it isn’t. Like, it really isn’t It is the worst-kept secret that Disney (or more accurately, their lawyers) are guns to a knife fight: to gain acquisition of what they desire […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past – New pictures of Quicksilver, Bishop & more

by Becca Harperon 11/01/2014
This week there has been a good one for X-fans excited about the next X-Men film – Days of Future Past, which I will now refer to as DOFP, because it’s easier. This week has seen with the first look at Quicksilver. This character is to appear in both DOFP and also Avengers: Age of […]

Hugh Jackman might not be Wolverine for much longer interview reveals

by Andy Haighon 07/12/2013
Just days after ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ being announced as part of a deal from Simon Kinberg, writer and producer of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, to create an X themed ‘Marvel style’ cinematic universe it’s been revealed that Hugh Jackman is having doubts about returning to the role of Logan aka Wolverine.  In an […]

Preview: Days of Future Past

by Owen Duncanon 13/09/2013
Surely this is a golden age for fans of big heroes on the big screen. Only recently has the SFX technology and budget for superhero films caught up with the larger-than-life storytelling, curtailed only by the writers imagination and the artists skill. Rewind only a few years and the hardcore Marvel fan could force themselves […]

Complete visual history of Wolverine’s costume over 40 years

by Becca Harperon 06/09/2013
  Even after The Wolverine we are yet to see Hugh Jackman’s interpretation in the classic yellow suit, which for me is a real shame. Here for you is a complete visual history of the evolution of Wolverine’s costume over the last 40 years. What’s your favourite? Source [Gizmodo]

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Beige-tastic Promo Pic

by Becca Harperon 19/08/2013
The principal photography of Days of Future Past has wrapped and just to keeps us on the edge of our seats this satisfyingly 70’s promo image has been released on tumblr . Featuring a trio of well known X-Men – Charles Xavier aka Professor X (James McAvoy), Logan better known as Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and […]

Marvel’s ‘X-Force’ is Gathering Pace

by Andrew Corbanon 15/08/2013
It has recently been announced that Jeff Wadlow is set to write and direct Marvel’s X-Force, due for release in 2016. In a recent interview with IGN.COM (Kick-Ass 2 spoilers alert), Jeff discusses that when he heard that Mark Millar got the job as the creative consultant for the Marvel Movieverse at Fox, he chased […]

The Wolverine – 7GPPs

by Andy Haighon 27/07/2013
Logan (Hugh Jackman) now living in self imposed exile in the Canadian wilderness, is tracked down by Yukio (Rila Fukushima) on the behalf of Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) a man from Logan’s past. Yashida, the head of a massively successful tech company, is now dying and wishes to see Logan before the end. Reluctantly agreeing to […]