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Agent Carter Returns: 2 hour spectacle (spoiler alert)

by joshkingofgeekson 20/01/2016
Before we start, SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Last night saw the return of the beautiful Hayley Atwell as the Marvel Fan Favourite “Agent Carter” for her season 2, 2 hour spectacle. This obviously  means new adventures, new crimes, and better yet, More Marvel Cinematic Universe Tie ins; such as  “Doctor Strange.” Agent Carter keeps going […]

Mike’s Magic Reviews: Hail Hydra!

by The_Dark_Mikeon 07/11/2013
Hello you wonderful Geek(ette)s and welcome to a brand new section of the rabbit hole that is  the Geek Pride site: Mike’s Magic Reviews, In which a bearded casual MTG player reviews whatever it is Wizards Of The Coast happen to throw his way (semi) weekly. Sort of. Kinda. Look, I’ll do my best get […]