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Kickstart this – A crowdfunding round up

by Andy Haighon 17/04/2017
Welcome to the latest Geek Pride crowdfunding round up, our fearless contributors have spent many an hour sifting through hundreds of campaigns all wanting your hard earned money so you don’t have to. Strangehollow is an art book by Emily Hare. The book serves as an introduction to a strange and fantastical world inspired by […]

Dept of Monsterology Sabbaticals #1

by Andy Haighon 11/10/2015
The last time I mentioned Dept. of Monsterology published by Renegade Arts Entertainment it was in the back end of 2013, an impressive pulp sci-fi inspired indie comics gem from writer Gordon Rennie and artist P J Holden that definitely made an impression. Now in the back end of 2015 Dept. of Monsterology has returned […]

Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter

by Andy Haighon 30/11/2014
Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter, published by Renegade Arts Entertainment, comes from the creative team of writers Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby along with artist Tiernen Trevallion. Taking one of Burns’ most famous works, Tam o’ Shanter, the comic plays on the idea that the events described therein are actually based on events Burns experienced one eventful […]

Bone China to be released in early 2015!

by Cristina Bogdanon 07/11/2014
Improper Books are delighted to announce PORCELAIN: BONE CHINA by Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose. The second volume of their creator-owned Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale trilogy, Bone China is set for release in Spring 2015. A free, full colour preview of the first 12 pages of Bone China will be available at THOUGHT BUBBLE […]

Joseph Schmalke’s The Infernal Pact – Sex, Drugs and Damnation.

by Andy Haighon 04/09/2014
The Infernal Pact is a sex, drugs and black comedy-infused indie grindhouse horror comic mini series created, written and illustrated by Joseph Schmalke. Three meth addled friends make some really bad choices whilst trying to score their next high and sell their souls to a dealer with a twisted sense of humour. The friends soon […]

Mike Wolfer talks about new crowdfunding project The Curse Of Ragdoll

by Andy Haighon 05/05/2014
Mike Wolfer veteran writer and artist has worked on Lady Death, Warren Ellis’ Gravel Combat Magician and Garth Ennis’ Stiched amongst others and took some time out of his schdule to talk about his latest project, crowd funding a new book, The Curse Of Ragdoll. Q: Avoiding spoilers can you give us a brief synopsis […]

Zomnibus of Brian Keene’s The Last Zombie hits Kickstarter

by Andy Haighon 10/02/2014
Whilst some people might be all zombied out, for anyone that’s not they might want to check out the Kickstarter for The Last Zombie by Brian Keene. The Last Zombie, a comic book published by small indie publisher Antarctic Press, is the story of Doctor Ian Scott, a man on a desperate journey through a post-apocalyptic U.S.A. […]

Be immortalised, sort of, in Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising.

by Andy Haighon 01/02/2014
Comic fans have got a chance to be immortalised, kind of, as indie comics writer/ artist Terry Moore is running a competition. The prize? Getting brutally murdered in his current comic Rachel Rising by the 10 year old serial killer Zoe who has been leaving a trial of bodies in her wake. The winner will […]

Things to Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park

by Andy Haighon 16/01/2014
Writer & Artist: Aneurin Wright Publisher: Myriad Editions It’s Nye’s birthday. When his Father Neil calls him to wish him a happy birthday, he also mentions that he’s been ‘certified for hospice’. The currently unemployed Nye is the only one in a position to look after his father, diagnosed with advanced stage emphysema. Relocating to […]

Top Indie Comics of 2013: Pulp Thrills, Surprise Powers and Intelligent Horror

by Andy Haighon 31/12/2013
2013 has seen a lot of things happening in the world of comics, with both DC and Marvel launching new titles whilst others have been cancelled. There’s been various events too from DC’s Trinity War to Marvel’s X-Men Battle of the Atom . In a different corner of the comics world far removed from the […]