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Infinity Event Report. Or: “To play Infinity…….and, beyond?”

by MrCraiggyon 18/11/2015
For those of you not aware, Infinity is a tabletop miniatures game made by Spanish company Corvus Belli. Now very recently updated to its third edition of rules, Infinity is a very fast paced skirmish game set in the far future of Earth, with very heavy anime influences in its art style and a lot […]

Disney Infinity 2.0 Assembles Marvel Heroes

by James Buckinghamon 30/04/2014
Disney Interactive today announced the first major upgrade to it’s behemoth title Disney Infinity… and it’s time for the geeks to rejoice! Marvel Heroes and villains will be making their way to the title, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One. The trailer itself is rather awesome – starting the same way the teaser […]

Infinity #1

by Ben Feeon 16/08/2013
In which a Skrull-hunt turns into an end-of-the-world scenario for the Avengers • An agent of death risks life and limb to discover a secret • A tribute is claimed • An apocalypse is constructed • Thanos eyes  a deadly prize • Another year and the beginning of another Marvel Event, but this time we’re […]

The Changes in Miniature Wargaming

by Andrew Corbanon 02/08/2013
  When I was younger I grew up around my older brother playing Games Workshop games as well as Dungeons and Dragons. Geekdom is clearly in my blood, as it wasn’t long before I was collecting and painting (badly) my own Warhammer Armies, and helping my brother by acting as NPCs when he was Dungeon […]

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Full-length Trailer (Official live action Machinima Prime series)

by Matt Gearyon 14/07/2012
And I thought I was already creaming my master-chief underwear when I saw the new Halo 4 Game play / Live action trailer from E3 but I think this new live action series, being brought to us by Machinima, has made me want to change my underwear once again! all I can say is have a watch […]