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15 Reasons Dating a Geek is worth it.

by Matt Gearyon 21/05/2014
One of the reasons I love my FB feed (and why it annoys me that I don’t get all the pages I’ve liked anymore) is for things like the below, which was shared on my wall today (taken from TICKLD.) Being a recently singled geek I’d have to agree with most of what has been said […]

Marvel release Guardians of the Galaxy images ahead of trailer’s arrival

by James Buckinghamon 18/02/2014
Marvel, it seems, are just as anxious to leak tidbits of their forthcoming movies as other sources! Not content with having a full-blown trailer coming out for Guardians of the Galaxy later today, they’ve released some images (we’re assuming from the trailer itself as they’re not very hi-res) for us to ogle over. Planning to […]

2013 movies that pass The Bechdel Test made more money…

by Becca Harperon 03/01/2014
Back in November we brought you the news that Sweden wanted include a Bechdel Test rating to it’s films. For those of you who still don’t know what this is, then simplified, the test evaluates whether a movie has two or more women in it who have a conversation about something other than a man.  Now it […]

What Sort of Movie Tache do you have?

by Matt Gearyon 16/12/2013
With the new Anchorman film about to land this Burgundy Wednesday, I thought I would break out the scotch and trim my tash. But different tashes mean different things (don’t you know) and we only have to look at the movies to prove this. Below is a helpful Infographic, that was sent to us, to […]

Complete visual history of Wolverine’s costume over 40 years

by Becca Harperon 06/09/2013
  Even after The Wolverine we are yet to see Hugh Jackman’s interpretation in the classic yellow suit, which for me is a real shame. Here for you is a complete visual history of the evolution of Wolverine’s costume over the last 40 years. What’s your favourite? Source [Gizmodo]

The cost of being Hulk – 1962 & 2013 [Infographic]

by Becca Harperon 30/07/2013
It would seem for the most part being a superhero can be costly, in the USA you have to pay for the medical attention you receive not to mention the cost of insurance for the damage you do whilst saving the city. I know seems unfair but someone has to pay. If you are Tony […]

Evolution of the Geek [Infographic]

by Becca Harperon 13/04/2013
There are many different varieties of geek and most of us fit into more than one genre but how did we come to be? Helpfully, for you curious types, Flowtown have complied this handy infographic, so we shall wonder no more.   The Evolution of the Geek from Flowtown Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Infographic: Women Nerd Heroes

by Becca Harperon 09/02/2013
This time I’ve chosen an infographic which showcases 6 talented women nerds and their achievements in the world of technology, and you need to know about them. Wooo! Girl power! Designed by and published by New Relic . Women Nerd Heroes infographic by      

Infographic: Facebook Psychology and Internet Addiction

by Becca Harperon 05/01/2013
Facebook psychology and internet addiction, let’s be honest this probably applies to a number of us. In fact whilst reading this infographic  I was interrupted by a Facebook notification which then led me to be completely distracted. It was about 5  minutes before I recalled what it was I was doing, which was looking for an interesting […]