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Babylon 5 – Reflecting upon times past

by Mark Cantyon 05/09/2016
The recent death of Jerry Doyle got me thinking about many things, not least of which was mortality. A lot of people in the US knew Jerry as a syndicated, right wing talk radio host, with passionate opinions and a thirst for making people think by shaking their certainties, no matter which direction they leaned. […]

Gone Beyond the Veil – RIP Jerry Doyle 1956-2016

by Mark Cantyon 28/07/2016
It was announced just hours ago that Jerry Doyle, best known for playing Michael Garibaldi in Babylon 5 from 1994-1998, has passed away at the age of 60. A resident of Las Vegas, his family have not yet confirmed the cause of death, but the news was posted on his Twitter feed and his verified Facebook page.

Ten Grand #1 – 9 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 17/05/2013
Joe Fitzgerald has a reputation for dealing with problems, the kind of problems that the police or anyone else won’t deal with. The kind of problems that involve missing people and claws, teeth and shadows. When a girl called Debbie asks Joe for help with a problem – her sister Sarah going missing after joining […]