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Chuck Palahniuk to continue Fight Club, but not as you’d expect.

by Stephen Breweron 23/07/2013
The creator of an era-defining film confirmed the news on his official website recently that a Fight Club sequel is underway. However, it will not be on the silver screen, instead it will be in the medium of a Graphic Novel.   He stated that he was in the early processes of figuring out the […]

The Purge

by Stephen Breweron 01/06/2013
Upon seeing the trailer for this film I must admit it had me hooked, it was such an interesting premise. In fact it had a few of us discussing what we would do if everything was legal for 12 hours. Sadly, I don’t feel the film lived up to the trailer. Maybe this is due to my love of watching films without knowing too much about them. In my head I had the film following a few people throughout an American city trying to survive The Purge. Unfortunately what I got was your basic home invasion film with very little...