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Adventure Time: Card Wars goes live! iOS and Tabletop Versions Announced

by Bevan Clatworthyon 17/02/2014
Adventure Time: Card Wars has been released! Well, nearly… On Friday 14th of February, Adventure Time: Card Wars the iOS version was released, with decidedly little fanfare other than advertisements on Cartoon Network. At £2.49 ($3.99 for our American compadres), it’s not too pricey, until you find out there’s also In-App Items to purchase. I’m […]

Adventure Time presents: Card Wars – for real!!

by Bevan Clatworthyon 21/01/2014
Hot on the heels of Mike Orvis blowing our mind via his theory on the why OOO is Ooo, some mathematical news has floated it’s way to the top of the tabletop gaming pond. Publisher Cryptozoic (famous for the DC Deckbuilder amongst other games) have announced the release of a Trading Card Game based on […]

Adventure Time: Morals and Science

by TheWookieon 29/07/2013
What time is it!? Adventure Time!!   My younger sister (25) introduced me to the show Adventure Time last year while my kids were visiting. At first I was hesitant to allow them to watch it, as it came across with a Family Guy feel to it. However, after watching a few episodes myself, I […]