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Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray return with more Sex & Violence

by Andy Haighon 04/09/2014
Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray the rest of the Paperfilms crew are back with a Kickstarter for a second volume of their adult oriented anthology Sex & Violence. Inspired by Palmiotti’s love for classic European adult oriented anthology comic Heavy Metal, Sex and Violence Volume 2 is an adult oriented anthology graphic novel written by Palmiotti […]

Cult film directors Jen and Sylvia Soska set to direct Painkiller Jane film

by Andy Haighon 04/08/2014
Whilst Marvel and DC basically ignore everyone and still refuse to make a film centred around one of their numerous popular female characters with DC getting all “well you’ve got Wonder Woman in the next Batman/Superman film what more do you want you damn it!” the Soska Sisters will be directing a Painkiller Jane movie. […]

Review: Harley Quinn #1

by LadyNoctison 08/02/2014
  This is the long awaited follow-up from my review: Harley Quinn #0, however I’d like to firstly apologise as this review is LONG overdue! So we all know I was quite hopeful after getting the OK from Bruce Timm with his little segment in Harley Quinn #0, which left me feeling a little less apprehensive about […]

Review: Harley Quinn #0

by LadyNoctison 05/12/2013
 Those of you who read my last review involving the New 52 Villain Month Special: Harley Quinn would know, I am really not a massive fan of her Suicide Squad variant.  So needless to say, I was really apprehensive about her having her own series within the new world of DC Comics, but I do […]

Jimmy Palmiotti on the Harley Quinn Controversy

by Andy Haighon 11/09/2013
Jimmy Palmiotti writer of the upcoming Harley Quinn comic has responded via Facebook to the furore over DC’s art competition involving an apparently suicidal Harley, by saying the panels in question were part of a surreal dream sequence which was taken out of context and accepts the blame for this rather than it being DC’s […]

Kickstart This! Sci-Fi Graphic Novel “Forgotten Planet”

by James Buckinghamon 27/08/2013
A new Science Fiction graphic novel is getting the Kickstarter treatment, coming from the writers of Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell, involving a conspiracy-led narrative about Pluto’s declassification and a secret war that raged on the former planet. Now from writer Peter Rogers and artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo comes Forgotten Planet, or it will, with […]

SQUEE ALERT: Harley Quinn gets her own series!

by Laura Maieron 16/07/2013
DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are taking Harley out of the Suicide Squad and putting her back where she belongs- in her own shiny solo title!  An artist has yet to be announced, but Amanda has done the most adorable Harley cover EVER! Look at her!  She looks like a roller-derby […]

All-Star Western #20 – 8 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 27/05/2013
Hex and his new-found partner Booster Gold set out to track down the Hootkins Gang, only for things to not go exactly according plan. Introducing amnesiac and de-powered time traveller Booster Gold in issue #19 was a pretty left field move on the part of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray- it could’ve alienated a lot […]