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Reboots Assemble : Jay and Silent Bob Reboot!

by joshkingofgeekson 04/12/2019
To say i’m a Kevin Smith fan is putting it lightly and to even say i’m in the demographic doesn’t even scratch the surface of my adoration of this man. With an evening of Reboot Pie, followed by an after show Q&A, I couldn’t quite understand why the gods hadn’t struck me down right there […]

Hollyweed Pilot by Kevin Smith free online!

by Matt Gearyon 24/07/2018
Well its been out for about 2 weeks but here it is the pilot episode of Hollyweed by Kevin smith! Let us know what you think.. green light or not?    

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot confirmed

by Matt Gearyon 10/02/2017
Thats right Y’all Kevin Smith has just confirmed, via his Instagram,that Jay and Silent Bob, The reboot is being made and that Miramax are up for it. Apparently it is going to be about Jay and Silent bob going back to Hollywood to stop a reboot of the already hated bluntman and chronic film. On […]

Zombieland 2 is resurrected (again) by Deadpool writers

by James Buckinghamon 01/09/2016
When Zombieland was released in 2009, it was a smash hit. Its vicious running zombies and pop culture-inspired humour (largely helped by Jesse Eisenberg‘s running commentary, and one of the best cameos in cinema history) was a winning combination for this twinkie-fuelled undead road trip movie. The rights to a series was picked up by […]

Tusk gets a UK release date as odd as the film itself

by SeanPWallaceon 15/10/2014
If you are not an avid listener to Kevin Smith (director of Clerks, Dogma, etc.) and his Smodcast podcasts, then you may not be aware of a little film called Tusk. Born of a Gumtree post now sadly confirmed as fake, it is the tale of a young reporter/podcaster who goes to Canada to meet an […]

Jay & Silent Bob set for UK screening Tour!

by Andy Haighon 12/03/2014
Ever since they first appeared in Kevin Smith’s cult hit comedy Clerks, Jay & Silentbob, played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, have carved out their own niche appearing in several films and animation.  The latest iteration of the duo is animated feature ‘Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie’. The new animation reimagines […]

Mike N’ Nick’s Gentlemanly Chats Ep 1 : Jrpgs

by The_Dark_Mikeon 07/12/2013
Sup Kreeps. I have a brand new Podcast announcement. We at the GP HQ have decided that one cast a week is not enough, that at 1000+ listeners, you guys want more. So below is the first of many upcoming GPCast spinoffs, off-shoots and wacky tangents involving superhero sex lives (that’s coming, just you wait). […]

5 Single Name Shows DC Should Probably Be Considering

by The_Dark_Mikeon 26/09/2013
  News broke this week that DC executives are allegedly planning a new series called “Gordon”, based on a younger James Gordon as a Cop in Gotham City. It seems that this is DC’s solution to combat the behemoth of the Mouse n’ Marvel movie partnership; to create original programming because fuck telling short, 90 […]

Comicon film coming to screens Friday

by The_Dark_Mikeon 24/06/2013
We Nerds and Geeks are the forever outcasts; we are judged and bullied sometimes before we are even aware that loving something such as comics or tabletop gaming could bring about such a hateful response. So we resorted to gathering in small resistance bunkers (town halls or friend’s houses), hunkering down (playing D&D) and preparing […]