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Godzilla vs. Kong review

by joshkingofgeekson 01/04/2021
So I’ve decided to make this a spoiler free review, crazy I know, but why? Well, if you’re a monster movie fan or a Toho fan, then you should go and see this. With everything that’s been thrown at the cinematic experience these last couple of years, thanks to the beer plague (corona, get it), […]

New Firefly Deck Building Game announced

by Mark Cantyon 28/07/2016
Legendary® Encounters: A Firefly™ Deck Building Game brings together the story telling of a cooperative deck builder with the Episodes of the hit TV show Firefly.  Players must work together to complete a set of Objectives for each Episode, gain credits, and hopefully win the game.               As an […]

Legendary – Secret Wars Volume 1 and 2

by Daniel Delargyon 08/07/2016
It adds a whole new dimension to a truly Marvelous experience.

Official Godzilla Trailer!

by Becca Harperon 10/12/2013
We’ve seen leaked footage, heard about how it wowed the comic con crowds and finally the wait is over. Spine tingling is my chosen turn of phrase for this almost three minutes of Godzilla awesomeness. Destruction, fear, bravery and that oh so recognisable roar. Honestly, I was sceptical but if this trailer is anything to […]