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Check out Pogo’s latest Star Trek Next Generation Mash Up

by trekkiemarkon 18/10/2016
Pogo! In case you don’t know who he is, he’s an Australian DJ and Producer Nick Bertke who specialises in rearranging and mashing up samples of old TV shows and Films from our youth in a quasi dream like fashion, blending ambient and down-tempo textures with the original source material to produce an nostalgic musical […]

AMDS Films Presents “Hell’s Club” the Best Film Mash up Ever

by Andy Haighon 06/09/2015
Imagine a place where fictional characters meet outside of logic and time – this place is Hell’s Club. The profoundly talented Antonia Maria Da Silva aka AMDS Films has created such a place. At Hell’s Club Jedi drink at the bar whilst Austin Powers looks on, Brian Flanagan makes cocktails and Tony Montana smokes cigars. […]