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Fight Club; The Matrix

by Chrison 11/02/2016
We have all seen fights on TV or in movies that make us flinch. Sometimes in a good way. Sometimes in a bad way. Sometimes because the fight reminds us of that terrible terrible fight between Kirk and the Gorn (which must go down in history as one of the worst fights of all time). […]

John Wick

by Callum Tyndallon 20/04/2015
John Wick serves as somewhat of a critique of action films. It is highly likely this is meaning I’m putting on the film, rather than it being intended by the writers, but there are a couple of moments in the film where the notions of civility and basic instincts are raised that, to me, seem […]

Remakes, reboots and a list of 65 of them to rant about

by James Woodheadon 03/07/2014
Before you skip right to the list, stick with me for a minute. It’ll make your outrage even sweeter. They’re going to remake the Six Million Man. I’m not entirely sure how you can remake a movie of something that was never a movie, but they’re going to anyway. Had the pre-production marketing plugged it […]

New Matrix Trilogy Planned?

by Andrew Corbanon 01/03/2014
Word has surfaced on the mouth-watering prospect of a fresh trilogy of Matrix films coming from The Wachowskis.  Detail is scant right now but according to Latino Review, who broke the story a few hours ago, we are looking at a prequel trilogy. Presumably this means we will not see a return for Neo himself […]

Free FPS based on Ghost In The Shell Incoming 2014

by James Buckinghamon 15/02/2013
Shirow Masamune‘s Ghost In The Shell is one of my favourite Anime movies, and with it being one of the principal influences for The Matrix (another of my favourite movies)… any games based on it tend to make me drool. So imagine my anime-esque cow-eyed look when I found out that Nexon (known for Maple […]