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MGSV PC Disc Reportedly Contains… A Steam Installer. And That’s All.

by SeanPWallaceon 01/09/2015
I’m not as big of a PC gamer as I used to be since my graphics cards both quietly died, but I still love the medium. It offers flexibility and competition that the console market doesn’t offer, and we have the joys of Steam, GoG, and other brilliant services to offer competition. However, PC gamers […]

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Stealthily Drops its Price

by David Roseon 02/11/2014
After a lot of critique, questions, bickering and measuring of the length of Hideo Kojima’s latest opus, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes finally receives a universal price drop to £19.99/€19,99, a drop of between £5 and £10 depending on platform. All versions will also come with the Jamais Vu and Deja Vu bonus missions. […]