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Ms. Marvel Rumoured for Age of Ultron

by James Buckinghamon 08/02/2014
Ok so the rumour about Paul Bettany becoming Vision for Avengers 2 has finally been confirmed, however news of another hero joining the Age of Ultron cast has surfaced thanks to Latino Review. Ms. Marvel is reported to be one of the final characters being brought into the now even more epic-sounding Avengers sequel – […]

Marvel Announces New Ms Marvel

by Laura Maieron 06/11/2013
Since Carol Danvers promoted herself from Ms to Captain, there’s a perfectly good superhero name going unused. Enter Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager with shapeshifting abilities, set to take up the Ms Marvel name. However, not content with merely introducing a Muslim character to an existing series (like X-Factor’s Monet and Wolverine and the X-Men’s […]

Art Noveau Style Superheroines by Hanie Mohd

by Becca Harperon 12/01/2013
Female superheroes are my…well… heroes. Mostly because I long to be one, but also because I like the fact that my sex is, for the most part, represented well in comics. Let us not argue about the lack of female creators in the industry and how this angers me, this is not the time. Instead […]