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DC Comics Push the Button Again

by MrCraiggyon 23/01/2016
So, you may have guessed from previous articles such as my look at Batman Europa, I am what you might call a DC Comics fanboy. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Marvel. I enjoy Marvel a lot; The current run of Iron Man and Spider-Man 2099 are on my reading list, but there’s just something […]

Review: Harley Quinn #1

by LadyNoctison 08/02/2014
  This is the long awaited follow-up from my review: Harley Quinn #0, however I’d like to firstly apologise as this review is LONG overdue! So we all know I was quite hopeful after getting the OK from Bruce Timm with his little segment in Harley Quinn #0, which left me feeling a little less apprehensive about […]

Review: Harley Quinn #0

by LadyNoctison 05/12/2013
 Those of you who read my last review involving the New 52 Villain Month Special: Harley Quinn would know, I am really not a massive fan of her Suicide Squad variant.  So needless to say, I was really apprehensive about her having her own series within the new world of DC Comics, but I do […]

DC’s New 52 Reveal: LOBO

by LadyNoctison 24/08/2013
There has been a lot of changes within DC Comics, especially since the launch of DC’s New 52 reboot. We’ve seen a lot of radical changes to characters within the DC universe, mostly within their female characters; where they have been altered drastically *cough*Harley Quinn*cough* specifically for the launch of this reboot. Now I won’t […]

Dial H Volume 1: Into You

by Ben Feeon 27/04/2013
I don’t even…what did I just…wait. I’ll start again. I hate it when, asked by an acquaintance,  I describe one of my interests as “comics”. It’s like saying “I like movies” or “I read books”. It’s just such an inadequate word to describe one of the most important parts of my life (after my family […]

DC: The Nth Wave

by Laura Maieron 29/03/2013
So DC has cancelled a few series, and launched an equal number of new series in their fourth (I think, could be fifth, I lose track) wave of the New 52. The cancelled titles are The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, Sword of Sorcery, The Ravagers, Team 7, Deathstroke, I Vampire, DC Universe Presents […]