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All new thrill Jaegir set to debut in 2000AD prog 1874

by Andy Haighon 14/03/2014
Earthlets rejoice, Tharg The Mighty is bringing a new thrill to anthology comic 2000AD spun out from one of the title’s most enduring worlds, Rogue Trooper. The new series, dubbed ‘Jaegir’, will focus on the story of Atalia Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police who is charged with policing Nort society and hunting down […]

IDW set for all new Rogue Trooper series and re-release of classic story.

by Andy Haighon 21/07/2013
Following their successful launch of Judge Dredd IDW are set to bring another 2000AD/Rebellion classic character to their roster, Rogue Trooper.  The classic series was co-created by Gerry Finley-Day and artist Dave Gibbons, set in the far future where war has poisoned Nu- Earth’s atmosphere. In order to defeat their enemies the Norts the Southers […]