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Titanfall Free on PC for 48 hours

by James Buckinghamon 20/06/2014
You guys need to get on this quickly – if you’re a PC gamer, and have been drooling over Titanfall since it’s release earlier this year, you’re in luck! EA have made Titanfall free on PC for the next 48 hours via Origin, so get downloading as soon as possible to take advantage of the […]

Battlefield Hardline: Hands-on preview

by Sai Mealingon 11/06/2014
In a time when E3 audiences are growing larger and considerably more remote, EA shook things up on Monday by announcing closed PC and PS4 betas for Battlefield:Hardline which opened immediately and with extremely limited available places. The internet predictably shit itself at that point as the hordes piled onto Battlelog, Origin and PSN hoping […]

5 PopCap games for under £1!

by Andrew Corbanon 08/03/2014
Last week The Humble Store gave us an impressive deal on some AAA titles. This week‘s titles are from the casual end of the gaming spectrum but the deal is no less noteworthy, for multiple reasons. You can pay what you want for the five basic titles in the bundle (Peggle Deluxe, Bejeweled 3, Bookworm […]

Titanfall Gameplay Launch Trailer

by Andrew Corbanon 05/03/2014
Titanfall is nearly upon us and they have just dropped their official gameplay trailer, along with a live-action TV ad, titled Life is Better With a Titan. Damn I love the smell of trailers in the morning! Titanfall brings us an amalgamation of insane free-running infantry action and kick-ass agile mech combat. Simply writing that […]

TitanFall: Beta is now open for PC and Xbox One

by Sai Mealingon 16/02/2014
Following a closed program, that started earlier this week, EA and Respawn Entertainment have began today to open the Xbox One and PC TitanFall betas to the whole world. Developed by the creators of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, TitanFall pits two teams of six pilots against each other in a battle for […]

Yarr, Bootyful: Game Dev Tycoon developer gives pirates a taste of their own medicine

by Sai Mealingon 29/04/2013
With talk of always-on connectivity on the next generation Xbox console and the now ridiculous Digital Rights Management tactics employed by some PC game publishers, it is always refreshing to see a developer take a slightly different route to preventing their intellectual property falling foul of piracy. Recently, indie developer and publisher Greenheart Games released Game Dev […]

Digital Property Rights and Ownership; How Far Is Too Far?

by Matt_Walklateon 07/04/2013
With the recent release of Sim City now being widely recognised as the worst release of any AAA game, there is understandably a lot of anger in the community at the moment. A month has gone by since the game’s US release, and complaints about draconian DRM measures are only just beginning to dissipate. But […]