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Record breaking console game auction passes $750k – Could hardcore gaming be a good valid retirement plan?

by James Woodheadon 21/06/2014
As collections go, Michael Thomasson’s collection of 10,607 console games is astoundingly impressive. Spread over 35 different gaming systems and collected over 25 years, there is no denying that this a collection to be proud of. But after 25 years, Michael decided to part with his treasured collection and offered it up to auction through […]

Have you ever been paid to test a game?

by TheWookieon 21/11/2013
In a time when beta testing seems like a thing of the past as a career, EA games has actually come through on a promise to its fans. We all remember when we dreamed of testing games when we got older, but when it finally came time to start our careers video game companies were […]