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Pandorica – The Future Reset

by Chrison 24/04/2016
WINNERS FOR OUR PANDORICA GIVEAWAY ARE: 1st: Iain Turnbull 2nd: Ethan Edwards 3rd: Bella Gale Runner up: Scott Braidwood. Emails and messages will be sent out to you soon. If we don’t get a reply within a week, we pass on your goodies to the next person! In the dark and dystopian future world of […]

Sci-Fi Weekender – The Seventh Cycle

by Peter Ray Allisonon 11/02/2016
Now that the silly season is behind us, we can focus our attention on something far more important – namely the Sci-Fi Weekender. Less of a convention and more of a festival, the weekend event is one long geek party that celebrates the very best in science-fiction and fantasy. This year is no mistake, with […]

The Pandorica Opens

by GuruMelon 11/08/2014
No, I haven’t randomly decided to review a 4 year old Dr Who episode. A new Dr Who themed restaurant has opened in Beacon, New York. The Pandorica, formerly the Cup and Saucer British Restaurant, has recently relaunched hosting a cosplay launch party at the start of July. The restaurant is run by a lady […]