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The Day of the Doctor – Review

by Michael Doddon 24/11/2013
There will be some disagreement with this point of view, but to me it has felt like this day has taken forever to come. Ever since we discovered that the secret the Doctor has been taking such extreme measures to lock away was not his real name but a hidden incarnation who renounced the title […]

A Worthy 50th for Dr Who?

by GuruMelon 15/06/2013
Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool claims to have an insider scoop on the much-rumoured legendary BBC stash of Africa. I’ve heard the rumours plenty of times about the BBC engineer in Africa who has copies of every lost episode of everything ever, or so they say. According to Johnston we may be in for a treat! […]

Doctor Who 50th Special Set to Stun

by JodieAvoon 17/02/2013
Ear plugs at the ready non Whovians. In line with Doctor Who celebrating its 50th year, Moffat and the team are looking to bring ALL the Time Lords back together for a one off show spectacular! Yes, this includes the sadly departed William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. How, you say? No, there isn’t a mad […]