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Plantera Steam Review Geek Pride

by jollinson 16/05/2016
Plantera is a small click based farming simulator where you progress through the game in order to unlock new things to decorate your farm with. You start off with the basics planting carrots and pretty soon you are planting trees and fending off birds with scare crows. As you progress you are rewarded with gold […]

Titanic: Honour and Glory’s stunning preview

by trekkiemarkon 22/04/2016
The very mention of her name conjures up visions of size, superiority and the futility of a mighty feat of human engineering. In 1912 the Titanic sailed her first and last voyage and remains a potent reminder of man’s complacency in the face of nature. The loss of over 1,500 people in the icy waters of […]

Upwards Lonely Robot Geek Pride Review

by jollinson 18/04/2016
We review Upwards, Lonely Robot for the PC. Upwards, Lonely Robot is a tower climber where you, the lonely robot, are tasked with getting as high as you can whist dodging enemies and avoiding falling to your death. You must also work to collect as much juice as you can before your “reserves” run out. […]

Bastion – 8 GPPs

by Stephen Breweron 28/06/2013
The reception for this independent game was quite outstanding, and with good reason. I started playing Supergiant Games’ first-ever game, and within fifteen minutes was enthralled with it. From Jen Zee’s (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) beautiful art style, to Logan Cunningham’s great narrative style- whose voice in this game rates as high as Morgan […]