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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – 3 GPPs

by James Buckinghamon 11/08/2013
Take a hugely successful kid’s book series (like Harry Potter) with mythical (or magical) undertones, and turn it into an also hugely successful movie series (like Harry Potter). Sounds simple, right? I wish that were the case. The Percy Jackson series of books by Rick Riordan has a simple premise; introduce a boy into a […]

Games You Should Play: Ōkami HD

by James Buckinghamon 29/06/2013
If there’s one mode of storytelling I love more than any other, it’s myth & legend. It’s why I enjoy movies like Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson, and why I gravitate towards games like the God of War series. However when it comes to Japanese mythology, I know literally nothing… and this is […]