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Retribution Falls a.k.a “You can’t take the sky from me, again…”

by MrCraiggyon 30/08/2015
So, I have just finished a story, an adventure if you will, one so bold and vibrant that it reached into my very soul and hugged me. This was a story about love, about friendship, about ships and piracy and crime, with a bunch of mismatched characters on a crew underneath a Captain with enough issues […]

A Tale of Internet Spaceships – EVE Documentary will be released free online from 11th July 2014

by James Woodheadon 11/07/2014
EVE Online is one of the world’s leading MMO’s. In it’s 11th year. the galactic sized sandbox where players compete for resources, territory, bragging rights and those ever precious newbie tears is stronger than ever and surviving considerably better than some other veteran MMO’s. While EVE doesn’t boast the player base of some other veteran […]

Avast ye! Assassin’s Creed IV Leak?

by Hani Fearonon 26/02/2013
Earlier today, gaming website Kotaku claimed to have received marketing material from a ‘tipster’ for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed instalment which was only announced earlier this month. Ubisoft already announced a change in character and time period for the series, but now it seems that the precise details are already being leaked. According to Kotaku, […]