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Xbox Live: Microsoft announce plans to improve the online gaming environment and reward good sports

by James Woodheadon 20/03/2014
  I remember seeing a meme circulated from once that added new slogans to well known brands.  Many were amusing but the one that made me really laugh was the one for Xbox live as shown above. It’s one of those things that’s funny because it’s true. Well, it’s intent is true as I’m […]

Oculus Rift Preview; Seeing is Believing

by Matt_Walklateon 26/10/2013
I tested the Oculus Rift the other weekend, and I have to admit; I feel a little guilty now. This sceptic has seen more than enough so-called “revolutionary” videogame peripherals fail miserably in the past; glittery gimmicks hyped way out of proportion that enjoyed their five minutes of fame before being condemned to the scrap […]


by Matt Gearyon 20/10/2013
Had a great Time at Play Expo this year, check out our video below!

Geek Pride at Play Expo 2013

by Matt_Walklateon 14/10/2013
As some readers may know, Geek Pride was once again invited along to Play Expo in Manchester this year; hosted by Re-Play events. Last year’s expo was a sprawling, all encompassing event that had everything from pinball and classic arcade machines to cutting edge previews, and even pro gaming tournaments. This year the show was […]

Dark Souls 2, Assassin’s Creed IV To be Shown at Play Expo This Weekend

by Matt_Walklateon 08/10/2013
  Geek Pride will be returning to Play Expo in Manchester this weekend to experience the most diverse gaming expo in the country, and bring you the latest previews for some of the most anticipated releases over the next few months. Last year we brought you previews of Nintendo’s Wii-U, DMC: Devil May Cry, Metal […]

Brilliant Adventures at the Manchester Royal ExchangeTheatre

by Becca Harperon 05/05/2013
    BRILLIANT ADVENTURES come to Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, this May. Written by Alistair McDowell and directed by Caroline Steinbeis this adventure weaves a tale of two brothers, dirty deeds and breaking the laws of physics. Here is the official press release: [box_light] The world premiere of Bruntwood Prize-winning play BRILLIANT ADVENTURES by Alistair McDowall […]

Play Diary; Don’t Starve, Part 1

by Matt_Walklateon 30/04/2013
This being the account of my adventures within the strange, gothic world of Don’t Starve; an excellent indie survival simulation, with elements of Minecraft, FTL and Farm Simulator 2012.  My name is Wilson Percival Higgsbury, and I am a Gentleman Scientist. I also don’t look too good, and need some food. Or so I’ve been informed by […]

Coriolanus – Film – 8GPPs

by Matt Gearyon 01/02/2012
Geek Pride - Coriolanus - Film Review