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Battlefield Hardline: Hands-on preview

by Sai Mealingon 11/06/2014
In a time when E3 audiences are growing larger and considerably more remote, EA shook things up on Monday by announcing closed PC and PS4 betas for Battlefield:Hardline which opened immediately and with extremely limited available places. The internet predictably shit itself at that point as the hordes piled onto Battlelog, Origin and PSN hoping […]

E3 2014: PlayStation Press Conference

by Sai Mealingon 10/06/2014
    Arriving at the end of Day Zero, the Sony press conference has been traditionally seen as the pinnacle one of E3 for the last few years. Although Nintendo’s presentation usually follows on the next day, Sony mark the end of the business day on which most of the major publishers play their best cards. […]

E3 2014: EA Press Conference

by Nick Hancheton 10/06/2014
EA always promise big and, for the most part, deliver. The yearly iterations of their most well-known IP’s have started to wear thin, so could this E3 conference, alongside the relatively new console generation, kick-start them back into pole position? Well… Yes and No. Kicking off the show was Star Wars: Battlefront, having a behind […]

E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference

by Chris Batemanon 10/06/2014
Well, what can I say? Ubisoft know how to put on a good show. Following up from EA’s rather mediocre showing, Ubisoft’s conference was the first to have me truly excited this year. Aisha Taylor was on presenting duty again and was a delight to watch, making some particularly funny remarks and quips whilst showing […]

E3 2013: Nintendo Direct – We just need a little more time…

by Sai Mealingon 11/06/2013
Always striving to be different, Nintendo may have gone a little bit too far this time in their decision not to conduct a live E3 presentation in person. Instead, viewers the world over were divided into three regional camps and each was presented with a tailored presentation for their respective region, with two presentations in English […]

E3 2013: Ubisoft Presentation – Embraces the #Girlwood

by Sai Mealingon 11/06/2013
  Ubisoft have just finished their annual E3 presentation with a promise to keep on supporting both hardcore and casual gamers as well as some really interesting next-gen titles. Ubisoft are arguably the most open of the major 3rd party publishers when it comes to supporting brand new console formats with new IP and it […]