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Dave’s Cultamania: Pro Wrestling and the Movie Industry

by Dave Foyon 19/10/2016
So you may well be thinking to yourself “why the hell is an article about ‘wrestling’ appearing on Geek-Pride?!”  Well, as we rapidly approach the last major professional wrestling event of the year (WWE Survivor Series), I thought it would be an ideal time to drop some sort of article regarding something that has been […]

RIP Perro Aguayo Jr.

by GuruMelon 23/03/2015
The world of wrestling is mourning another legend this weekend: Perro Aguayo Jr (El Hijo del Perro Aguayo) passed away in hospital after suffering fatal injuries at a show in Tijuana on Saturday. He was fighting in a tag team match with Manik against Rey Mysterio Jr and Xtreme Tiger (Tiger Uno). The cause of […]

WWE’s heartbreaking tribute to Connor The Crusher

by Craig Humpageon 18/05/2014
It’s now been a week since this video was published on YouTube. It has now amassed over 2 million views, or at least that’s the video I saw. It’s been re-uploaded by many parties, and this version that I have posted here was published by an account named “WWE GC” – it’s the only video […]