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A Study of the FPS Genre:”Pressing The Trigger”

by King Darrenon 08/01/2016
The domain of the FPS genre is DAMAGE. Whether you’re ordering your squad to breach and clear a room in Rainbow Six, providing air support in Call of Duty, or rocket spamming a ledge overlooking an entry route in Quake, everything about your performance in an FPS ultimately boils down to optimising performance in this […]

EGX in Pictures

by Matt Gearyon 28/09/2015
As EGX 2015 has just passed we thought we would share a few photos of the event with you before our write up later; check them out below and check out more HERE and HERE   

Tom Clancy Dead at 66

by TheWookieon 02/10/2013
Today is a sad day in Geek and literary history. Tom Clancy’s publishers have confirmed that the author he has died at the young age of 66. The celebrated writer died at a Baltimore hospital close to his home in Maryland. The cause of death is yet to be confirmed. The accomplished author, who became […]