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WarTile – A Real Time Strategy Game for the PC

by jollinson 10/03/2016
We review a new up and coming strategy game for the PC, WarTile. WarTile is a real time strategy game for the PC in which you control a small band of warriors out for blood and loot at they make their way through the battle board. Click play to see how our reviewer got on. […]

Wargame: Red Dragon Review

by Lendosanon 03/07/2014
When people say RTS they usually think of your standard Red Alert or Company of Heroes, something that involves base building.  Granted that is sometimes the best aspect of playing an RTS game.  Eugen systems have really pushed the boat out regarding RTS games over the recent years, and it all started with R.U.S.E., a […]

Total War: Rome II

by Matt Gearyon 25/09/2013
This is a special audio, visual and written review. that you can watch, listen to or read… fill your boots and enjoy!   Being a Geek, I have numerous hobbies and activities (so many activities! ) that I enjoy partaking in. Two of which activities (SO MANY ACTIVIETIES!)  I enjoy more than the others, to […]