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Rogue Trooper returns to gaming with remastered edition

by Andy Haighon 28/02/2017
Rogue Trooper, the iconic blue skinned infantry man created by Gerry Finley Day and Dave Gibbons in 1981, is one of the only 2000AD characters besides Judge Dredd to actually get his own game. Released in 2006 and simply titled Rogue Trooper the third person shooter game actually made a pretty decent go at adapting […]

2000AD publisher Rebellion buys huge archive of British comics

by Andy Haighon 26/08/2016
In news that will make British readers of a certain age rather nostalgic the BBC reports Rebellion, the owners of British comics mainstay 2000AD, have just purchased the Fleetway archive from Egmont. The haul, one of the biggest publishing deals in decades, includes numerous out of print titles from the 70’s and 80’s. Some of […]

The Read Pile – The GP Comics Blog #3

by Andy Haighon 23/04/2016
Welcome to another edition of The Read Pile the GP comics blog where we’ll be talking about what we’ve been reading recently, what was good, what was bad, what you should be checking out and other randomness. Just like before other contributions are colour coded, whilst mine are black. One of my top new finds […]

Rememblog #4: How Republic Commando Showed The Way For An Expanded Universe

by Callum Tyndallon 09/06/2015
Republic Commando is 2005 tactical first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe. The game threw you into the mist of the Clone Wars as one of the titular commandos, specifically the commando leading the 4 man Delta Squad. The game utilised some simple but cool squad mechanics and placed you alongside some fairly decent allied AI. Playing […]

Pop Culture Shock Brings Judge Dredd to life with Amazing Diorama

by Andy Haighon 10/11/2014
Any Judge Dredd fans out there with money to burn might want to check out the amazing diorama available for pre-order from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. The huge diorama, fully licensed from Rebellion, is 24” long and features Mega City One’s most famous Judge on his Lawmaster bike. The eye-catching piece is sculpted by Joseph […]

Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Endgame – 10 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 18/08/2013
Mega-City One is the scene of bitter and brutal vengeance as Yevgeny Borisenko, survivor of East Meg One (destroyed years ago by Judge Dredd at the culmination of the Apocalypse War) unleashes his long festering wrath. The Chaos Bug has been released, the inhabitants of Big Meg are turning on each other, block wars and […]

2000AD approved petition for a DREDD sequel pulls in big numbers.

by Andy Haighon 02/08/2013
Dredd – the recent film featuring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, the stoic lawman of Mega City One, based on one of the most iconic characters in British comics gathered praise from fans and critics alike but for reasons unknown failed to pull in big numbers at the box office ixnaying the idea of a […]

IDW set for all new Rogue Trooper series and re-release of classic story.

by Andy Haighon 21/07/2013
Following their successful launch of Judge Dredd IDW are set to bring another 2000AD/Rebellion classic character to their roster, Rogue Trooper.  The classic series was co-created by Gerry Finley-Day and artist Dave Gibbons, set in the far future where war has poisoned Nu- Earth’s atmosphere. In order to defeat their enemies the Norts the Southers […]