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Invincible: Graphic Novel Review 9 GPP

by Stephen Breweron 29/01/2013
Many people who read this will know that Invincible’s creator, ‘Robert Kirkman’, was the creator of ‘The Walking Dead’. I admit I am a fan of his, and I have to boost Invincible for Kirkman lovers and fans of The Walking Dead. Invincible was first published back in 2003, however this was not his first appearance.

Haunt: Graphic Novel Review – 7GPP

by Stephen Breweron 15/01/2013
The story of Haunt goes back to 2006, at a San Diego Comic-con where ‘Todd McFarlane’ (Creator of Spawn) called on ‘Robert Kirkman’ (Creator of ‘The Walking Dead’) who was seated in the audience. Mr Kirkman stood up and expressed that he was a fan, and wanted to know why it was that McFarlane didn’t […]