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The Read Pile – The GP comics blog

by Andy Haighon 16/02/2016
Greetings dear readers and welcome to the inaugural instalment of The Read Pile the new semi-regular blog all about sequential art. The Read Pile will feature myself ( you can find more of my random utterings on Twitter @Wolverinesclaws) and various others from the rogues gallery that is GP discussing what we’ve read recently, what’s […]

Geek Pride’s Pick of the Best in Zombie Novels – Part 1

by Bevan Clatworthyon 24/04/2014
Let’s face it, zombies are everywhere. From video games (Resident Evil and Dead Island for starters), television (The Walking Dead) and cinema ({insert time of day} of the Dead), Zeds have reached the status of ‘go to’ monster for many writers, along with vampires, werewolves and Christopher Lee. Now I love me some zombies; my […]

Fatale #13

by Andy Haighon 29/03/2013
Colorado 1883,’Black’ Bonnie Smith has a gift or a curse depending on your point of view and this is her tale. The second of the stand alone issues featuring different characters from the on-going story is another example of why Fatale continues to be one of the best comics around. Switching the setting to the […]

John Constantine Hellblazer Farewell

by Andy Haighon 16/03/2013
Dressed in a shirt, tie and yellow trench coat, with a grizzled unshaven look, blonde hair and a smouldering Silk Cut in his hand, John Constantine is a blue collar, chain smoking, self-serving, manipulative, “nasty piece of work” in his own words. A master of deceit and misdirection, owner of a scathing wit and also […]