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A Million Ways To Die In The West

by James Buckinghamon 03/06/2014
The Wild West Frontier in 1882 is a particularly treacherous place, with snakes, outlaws, diseases and even doctors all trying to kill you. In the small town of Old Stump, this seems particularly true as the population dwindles on an almost minute-by-minute basis. If you’re wanting to see barfights, crushed skulls and gun duels galore, […]

Major Family Guy Character Killed

by The_Dark_Mikeon 26/11/2013
Last night saw the end of one of the best parts of a show that was quite frankly, flagging. Family Guy , in last night’s episode, unceremoniously killed off lead character Brian Griffin by way of car accident. Fans across the board are shocked saddened by the event,as it came as a surprise to many. […]

Ted (Film) – 7GPPs

by JodieAvoon 17/12/2012
Straight to the Point: I am a big fan of anything Seth MacFarlane related, and this film is a brilliant mish mash of adult humour,  big kid behaviours, and the on-going war of “bros before hoes”; frustratingly hilarious. Ted (2012) was directed by Seth MacFarlane and as a result of a childhood wish, John Bennett’s […]