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It’s Beaver Fever in Settlers Of Catanada

by Bevan Clatworthyon 30/10/2015
From CBC’s online comedy channel Punchline comes a cracking advert for the latest in board gaming hotness: Settlers of Catanada! Set in Canada, players race to build towns and cities in America’s northern cousin, collecting oil, wood, and of course beavers. OK, it’s a spoof but it’s a good one. I got a good giggle […]

7 Wonders – Great Pyramids of Gameplay

by Tom Sorsbyon 20/07/2015
I’ve been into strategy PC games since I was a wee nipper. I didn’t go for the likes of gunplay focused Duke Nukem and the fast paced Crash Bandicoot that the rest of the kids were into – I preferred the slower pace, the longer game, the careful strategy; games like Civilization and Heroes of Might […]

Dominion: Deck-Builder Extraordinaire

by Tom Sorsbyon 06/07/2015
Dominion is a deck-building card game produced by Rio Grande games in 2008. Over the next couple of years it won a boatload of awards, sold over a million copies, was translated into eighteen languages, spawned half a dozen expansions and you can even get a mobile version in the App Store. That is a bloody […]

Tunes for the Table

by Tom Sorsbyon 22/05/2015
In the episode of The IT Crowd, “Jen The Fredo”, Moss hosts a tabletop role-playing session, using music to create an “atmos”. The result is, as we know, ruddy mysterious. The right backing music in videogames enhances the experience for players immeasurably – after a while of hearing the same score, sure, you might mute […]