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On Popstars, Nice Guys and my love-hate relationship with Max Landis

by Callum Tyndallon 04/09/2016
I should start by saying that I really want to like Max Landis. I do. Most of the time I actually do like him and I’m certainly a fan of large amounts of his work, whether it be the truly brilliant and strangely informative short film Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, the fairly bizarre but oddly likeable Mr. Right or […]

The Nice Guys

by Callum Tyndallon 09/06/2016
Ryan Gosling is not an actor I typically associate with comedy. At his best, I think of Drive and Only God Forgives. At his worst, The Notebook. This is dumb, because there are two films already that prove Gosling knows how to handle comedy: Crazy Stupid Love and The Big Short. There are reasons these don’t necessarily jump to mind, while both […]

Fox set to reboot Predator franchise with Shane Black

by Andy Haighon 25/06/2014
In news that will either provoke intrigue or contempt at a lack of new ideas it has emerged at Hollywood Reporter that Fox is set to reboot the Predator franchise. The new as yet untitled film will be directed by Shane Black who will also be sharing writing duties with Fred Dekker, reforming the pair […]